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Ronald Ray Howard, Sr.

*22 July 1973
06 October 2005

The miracle visit
by Greg

An attempt
to find some words

by Agnes-Lisa


by Christopher "KII" Coleman
(page 2-3; pdf for download)




After having resided in a small cage on Texas' death row for more than 13 years, Ron was murdered by the State of Texas on the 6th of October, 2005.

We, his family and friends, are shocked at the brutality of this system that made our loved one a person who did not deserve to live because of a single action that was not premeditated but committed in an act of panic. A system that did not see the changes in him, that did not even consider giving him a second chance, a fair trial, or effective counsel.

We grieve the loss of Ron, a wonderful father to three, a loving brother, caring son and grandson, and the best friend and companion we have ever had.

Yet inspite of the grief and horror, we know that Ron is in a better place now. After so many years of fighting, pain and mistreatment, our beloved Ron is free at last.

The system tried hard, but it did not break Ron. He was strong, postitive, courageous, and dignified to his last seconds. The State of Texas took his body but it could not take his soul.

Ron's spirit lives on in all of us who love him. And it lives on in his writings on this website. Ron reached out to speak the truth about his life, the ghetto myth and Hip Hop, and life on death row. He has reached at-risk youth and helped them find better perspectives for their own lives than life on the streets. He has made a difference to young and old all over the world. We will continue to keep this spirit alive.